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Wire in the Blood - a Profiler Is Investigating in Northumberland

Northumberland is considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating areas of England for a reason. So, it is no surprise that producers shot numerous successful films and TV series here. You have already seen the picturesque locations of the county in blockbusters such as “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “Harry Potter”. But some TV series have used unique places in Northumberland to set their stories as well.

A current example of this is the TV hit “Vera”. The quirky DCI moves stylishly through towns and country, investigating cases in her own way. But Vera wasn’t the first unusual investigator who tracked down evil in Northumberland. Years before, a TV series, which also put a strange investigator in the foreground of the stories, aired. “Wire in the Blood” first appeared on TV screens in 2002. The series of the English broadcaster ITV is based on the novels of the bestselling author Val McDermid. At the center of the story is the clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill.

The odd Dr Hill has an unrivaled gift to understand the minds of murderers, but he regularly fails in dealing with his social life. He faces the dark side of society and helps the local police find serial killers. He slips into an investigation completely by chance and unintentionally becomes indispensable. With the help of a female detective inspector, Hill now hunts down these brutal murderers regularly, but at the same time his empathy is also his greatest enemy. Also, the fact that he stands up against these awful perpetrators makes the psychologist himself a target of violence more than once.

High Quality and Excitement

The high-quality thriller series delighted critics and fans from the start. Just like the highly acclaimed TV-Show “Cracker,” the filmmakers created a tense atmosphere. The chilling plot of the cases in the series allowed the unknown actors to show off all their skills. The series stayed consistently brilliant for six seasons despite the fact that the lead actress Hermione Norris quit as Detective Inspector Carol Jordan after season three and was replaced by a worthy successor Simone Lahbib as D. I. Alex Fielding.

High Quality and Excitement

“Wire in the Blood” was able to keep its popularity until the end of the series. What is more, the final season turned into a highlight of the show. Even though the last four episodes are not for the fainthearted, they are the best part of the series. That is due to excellent acting, great locations, and sophisticated scripts.

Sadly, the 7th season was not produced because of the high production costs, not because of a lack of success. The studio refused to raise the sum of £ 750,000 and discontinued “Wire in the Blood” in 2008. The TV series has a total of 24 episodes throughout six seasons. Coincidentally, the leading actor Robson Green switched from portraying a psychologist to playing an investigator years later. Green, born in Northumberland, actually plays a professional police investigator on the TV series Grantchester.


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