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Art, creativity, and culture would be the perfect words to define Northumberland. The breathtaking landscapes of Northumberland inspire people to find their artistic self. It is the go-to destination for art lovers as it hosts a lot of art events and exhibitions regularly. The County of Northumberland has a rich history of art which can be seen in the local museums, most notable being the Woodhorn Museum. The museum caught the public attention in 2015 for its unique commemoration of the first world war outbreak.

Creative Excitement to the Bone

One of the exciting parts of the artistic history of Northumberland is the Pitmen Painters. It was a group of the local coal miners coming together to study art appreciation. Their paintings reflected the life of the coal miners of that time. From the dangerous and dirty side of the coal world to their everyday struggles to live a healthy life, you can find in their paintings. All the best works can be seen in the Woodhorn Museum. Even a play is written on the life and work of the Pitmen Painters. Art galleries are spread all over the county, including the rural areas and villages. Visitors can take back some contemporary artifacts made by the local artists, from these galleries as a souvenir. These galleries also host different workshops, craft fairs, musical evenings, exhibitions, and other various events. One of Britain’s most celebrated landscape architect, Lancelot Capability Brown was born in a tiny village named Kirkharle Courtyard, in Northumberland. Today, the town has turned into a tourist hub with a lot of workshops and boutiques for the visitors to see and experience.


Wallington Hall, a place full of gripping stories and curiosities is a must visit on a visit to Northumberland. You can see the wall paintings in the Central Hall by William Bell Scott, a Pre- Raphaelite painter. The wall paintings reflect the local history of the place of over 2000 years. Bamburgh Castle is also a must visit for the lovers of old military objects, you can find the old armor suits among other artworks in this castle. The sculpture of the Green Man is one of the highlights of the Wallington Hall.

A Little Bit of Historical Creativity

The County of Northumberland has the honor of being the birthplace of George Stephenson, also known as the father of the railways. He was born in Wylam in 1780 and the visitors should see the Railway Museum of this town made to honor the contribution to the railways. The county of Northumberland has something for everyone. Religious people will undoubtedly be interested in the life of a local Northumbrian man Eadfrith who created the Lindisfarne Gospels, one of the most significant spiritual and artistic treasures. The book consists of the teachings of Jesus Christ and it is shown in the British Library now, but visitors can see the replica of the book in Lindisfarne.


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