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Vera Investigates In Northumberland

The British crime series Vera has delighted fans for many years. The show follows the novels of the author Ann Cleeves. The story focus on the unconventional investigator Vera Stanhope. She does not correspond to the cliché of a DCI at all. The quirky lady solves her cases using unconventional investigative methods and outstanding professionalism and empathy. Together with her team, she solves even the most complicated issues with great assertiveness. The resolute lady doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her. Always wearing the same old coat and her rickety jeep, Vera roams the Northumberland area in search of the culprit.

A young colleague, who acts as her assistant, is helping her. In the lead role, the great Brenda Blethyn, who proved twenty years ago with the movie Saving Grace, that she is the right choice for weird female lead roles. Vera is an ITV Studios production and has up to seven and a half million viewers per episode in the UK. Meanwhile, the station has already ordered the eleventh season of Vera. These will also be full-length again. Unfortunately, they stretched the eleventh season to two years. That has to do with the changed production conditions that all film companies are struggling with this year.

Capricious, Weird and Unique

Vera was particularly impressed by the area. The Northumberland Police featured in the series may only be fictional, but the fantastic landscapes are real. They give viewers a great insight into the Northumberland area. Anyone who knows their way around here will have recognized numerous locations. The beautiful beaches and wild moorlands not only inspire fans of English landscapes. The producers had a good reason why they chose the north-east of England of all places when selecting the location. They expressed the conviction that viewers have a real appetite to see a series that takes place outside of London. After all, the area is beautiful, as you can see in Vera. The counterpart also inspired the producers of Vera. They reflect Newcastle and the colours of the landscapes in the entire range of costumes in the series. Vera’s costume colours take on the autumnal tones of the Northumberland landscape. That applies to the blue and grey tones that you find again and again in the rugged terrain. Some locations left a lasting impression.

That includes the small town of Blyth. This stretch of coast has impressive turbines on the sea. Here an angular metallic world connects with a desolate landscape. You can also find this rough coastal landscape in the caprice of the main character. Even the nearby café on Whitley Bay is famous as a location for Vera. Edmundbyers in Durham is a fine example of pristine scenery. Here you will find moorland as well as the wilderness and that as far as the eye can see. If there is a hint of snow here, it becomes bleak and cold. Newcastle is entirely different here. The city lives from its mix of old and new and repeatedly plays a significant role in the series. Northumberland undoubtedly stars in Vera and makes the show extraordinary.


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