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In Northumberland, you will find peaceful rivers, extensive woodlands, and quaint valleys, which is where you will be able to find the lively wildlife of Northumberland. The wildlife is something that will surely thrill you when you encounter them in this region. Keep looking as you explore the wilderness of Northumberland and as you indulge in the beauty of nature, and you will be bound to find some of the unique fauna in Northumberland. If you stay in Northumberland’s center, it would be perfect for reaching the National Nature Reserves.

The Six Animals You Will Find in Northumberland’s Center

The red squirrel is one of the most loved mammals in Northumberland. Their population is quickly dropping, but in Northumberland, they are in plenty. Amazingly, the UK’s red squirrel population are mostly found in Northumberland. There are a large number of red squirrels in the forests and valleys of Northumberland, that amount to two-thirds of what is available in all of UK.

Pandion haliaetus, also known as the Osprey

In Northumberland, you will find a small number of ospreys around the middle of spring until the end of summer. These birds are easily found anywhere since they are always flying around looking for their next prey. There is a great place to watch these birds from a site called the Bakethin reserve, but you will easily be able to see them in action if you go near any body of water that is big enough for the osprey species.


Lagopus lagopus scotica, also known as the Red Grouse

The red grouse, which you will find in plenty in the moorlands, is a bird that is always nearby and is truly extraordinary.  The red grouses that are males boast bright red eyebrows and are found battling for supremacy against other males in the moorlands during the spring seasons. The red grouse females are covered in beautiful, mysterious patterns, and they are as beautiful as the males. T grouse chicks are extremely adorable when they peek out of their nest in the vegetation of the moorlands.

Turdus torquatus, also known as the Ring Ouzel

The ring ouzel has a song that travels a long way, and the valleys help the song echoes throughout the territory. This bird is around during the summer, and it lives in the valleys throughout its stay. It flies around in the sky with its ear-piercing cry and chooses to live in valleys that have steep sides, are narrow, and are close to running water.

Cinclus mexicanus, also known as the Dipper

The DDipper is a small bird that is fun to watch. The bird loves to bob up and down on rocks by the stream, and then dive into the river. Later it resurfaces and floats down the stream. It then hops out of the water and onto another rock, and then the cycle continues. It is a magnificent bird and is known to be the only perching bird that goes underwater.


Lutra lutra, also known as the Otter

The Otter is an enigmatic and shy mammal that is one of Northumberland’s most memorable ones. There is a massive population of otters in Northumberland thanks to the cleanliness of the rivers and the fact that no one disturbs their habitats.  You’ll find otters near a lake, pool, or river around dusk.


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