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The Kielder Forest and Water Park are located on the border of Northumberland and Scotland. Inside this enormous Park, you’ll find the largest lake in Europe made by humans, and also the largest forest in England. It is the perfect choice on weekends for anyone who loves being close to nature. You can get away from all your week’s work stress and other pressures of life. Another reason to visit this massive Park is that you can bring in your family here and spend some quality time with them. Kids would love this Park as it has various enjoyable activities for kids.

Kielder Waterside

Waterside is the perfect place to start your journey or to rest and relax for coming activities. You can sit back and enjoy the views of the scenic landscape. The reservoir looks breathtaking from the Waterside. There are several excellent options to eat and drink on this side of the Park. At the pretty center, you can also see beautiful and rare water birds. If you’re an outdoor activities enthusiast, you should try activities like Water Walkerz, Sea Scooters, Fencing, Archery, and many other activities. A ferry ride is a good option if you’re with your family.

You can see the beauty of the lake and enjoy the scenery. If you’re visiting alone or with your friends, go for a long walk along the Waterside. You can also hire a bike to explore the lakeside. There are also facilities for the sauna, in case you need a relaxing swimming session in warm water. For golf lovers, there is a miniature golf area to practice your golf swing. Kids would love the playing area, specially made for kids. After all the enjoyment, you’d like to have a souvenir for all the memories. You can buy a souvenir from one of the many shops on the lakeside.

Darker Kielder

Kielder Forest and Water Park are also famous for its night sky. Its night sky is among the most extensive protected night sky of Europe. Stargazers adore this special place of the Park. Even if you’re not a keen stargazer, still you can do so much in this part of the Park.  International organizations have awarded this night sky several awards for its incredible dark sky. Officially opened in 2013, the dark sky covers around 600 miles of area, making it the biggest in England. There are several options to stay at night and other facilities like food and drinks.

You can’t cover the whole area of the dark sky, so it’s better to know the unique spots to witness the breathtaking view of the night sky. Tower knowe center is one of the top sites to see the stars. The place has all the facilities, and you won’t find many darker spots than this one to gaze at the stars. Elf Kirk point is another popular choice to witness the sky and the silent night. Witness the incredible wildlife of the area, which has some of the rarest species on the planet. Red Squirrel is the most popular species of the Park. You can also see the incredible architecture and art of the place, which are spread all over the Park.


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