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Having been the witness to numerous battles between the Scottish Invaders and England, Northumberland has so much history in itself. In whichever direction you go, you’d come across something very significant and historical. Hundreds of museums and galleries in Northumberland has so many ancient artefacts in them that the history geek in you would get satisfied for a long time. Apart from the historical objects, one thing that Northumberland is most famous for is its fascinating castles. Home to more than fifty standing castles, Northumberland attracts history geeks from all over the world to have a look at the architecture and details of its palaces. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant castles of Northumberland.

Alnwick Castle

One of the most luxurious and lavish castles in Britain, Alnwick Castle has a central place in the history of the country. Having served as the home to the Kings and Dukes of the county, this castle has so much history attached to it. The palace remains the home to the Royal family of Northumberland. The dissipation of the castle is beyond imagination. The walls are made of silk, with silver and gold detailing. The ceilings are carved with beautiful artistry, with the whole castle refurbished in the Italian style architecture. The castle also has a massive library with more than 14000 crucial books. Visitors can take a look at the grandness of the castle, including a library tour, in the castle tour.  Many of the famous Hollywood movies, including the Harry Potter series, have been shot in this castle.

Bamburgh Castle

Standing on a volcanic site outcrop near the coastline, and the Bamburgh village, you can spot the castle from very far away. The castle served as the home to the Royal family of ancient Northumberland and has been taken down and rebuilt several times. A Victorian businessman last rebuilt the castle, and it’s still home to his descendants. Some of the parts of the castle are open to the visitors, who can take a look at the vast collection of historical art, armour, and furniture among other artefacts.

Dunstanburgh Castle

The Dunstanburgh Castle looks like it has been part of many of the fantasy romance novel stories. You won’t find many better sites for a castle to be built. With sky-touching cliffs on one side and a beautiful coastline on the other, the castle is struggling to stand with a hollow structure and no maintenance. Once regarded as one of the most beautiful castles in the world, this castle is counting its last days now. This castle has suffered a lot in different battles of the past.

Chillingham Castle

The family who built the Chillingham Castle almost 900 years ago, is still the owner of this castle. This castle served as the base to the army of King Edwards 1 against the Scottish army. It has also served as the host to many famous personalities and guests over the years. The castle is also known for having the spooky and scary stories attached to it. Many people have said that they have seen or felt something supernatural in this castle.


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