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The majority of the population of the United Kingdom live in urban areas. They barely get to see many stars due to the bright city lights. When you’re in the International Dark Sky Park in Northumberland, you’ll be able to see thousands of stars. You’ll witness the beauty of the Andromeda Galaxy. It is similar to the galaxy we live in called the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy is over two million light years away from us, and it’s incredible how you can see the whole spectacle here.

Can I see the Milky Way?

If you try to look at the night sky in an urban area with lots of lights and buildings, you won’t be able to see the Milky Way. Seeing the Milky Way is something that most people haven’t experienced, yet. Although, if you’re in the International Dark Sky Park in Northumberland, you will be able to witness the glory of the Milky Way with a telescope.

Can I Watch Beautiful Night Sky Events?

Watching meteor showers in some dark locations is the best way to enjoy it. The shooting stars that you see in the sky are particles of dust that comes from stars that get burnt up as they fall into our planet’s atmosphere. If you want to have the best view of the Aurora, then going to the International Dark Sky Park when visiting Northumberland is the best place to see it since there’s barely any light pollution.

Night Sky

What is The Optimal Time to Look at the Night Sky?

If you want to see the moon and its beauty, it is best if you look at it when it is in a phase where it’s partially lit up. The sunlight will cause the bumps and craters to be more visible as the sunlight comes from an angle and casts more shadows, which emphasize the craters and bumps. If you want to look at Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, or Venus, then you shouldn’t worry since the presence of the moon doesn’t affect their visibility. These planets are always visible when they’re over the horizon. Nights during the middle of summer don’t have the best amount of darkness needed to see the sky in all its glory. Therefore, you won’t see as many stars, but the sky will still look pretty. On the other hand, summers are the best time to look at the planets since you’ll be able to see the beautiful planet of Jupiter.

What to Look Out for When Observing the Night Sky?

The big problems you’ll encounter if you want to observe the night sky is the weather and surprisingly the moon. You may think it’s incredible to look at the moon with your binoculars or telescope, but the moon is bright, which means the nearby stars become difficult to see due to the brightness of the moon. As a result, you’ll be able to witness most stars in the sky during the new moon phase when the brightness is low


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