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There aren’t many places in the UK that can challenge Northumberland when it comes to seafood. Northumberland has some of the most delicious and rarest seafood. The seafood tastes even better when you eat it looking at the beautiful coast of the county. Northumberland has some of the best seafood restaurants which serve the local specialties. Some of these restaurants are not very expensive, and you can try them without stretching your budget. We’ll get to the restaurants, but first, let’s have a look at seafood specialties of Northumberland.

Oysters and Kippers

Ross, an incredible bay which lies between Holy Island and Bamburgh, is home to the famous oyster beds, which have been there since the 1300s. Ross is a part of LNR (Lindisfarne Nature Reserve). The oysters here have a unique name, that is Pacific oysters. These oysters are the property of the Sutherland family, which is famous for their oysters in the region. Most of the east coast is protected, and this part of the east coast is one of the very few commercial areas on the east coast. If you can’t come to the local restaurants and still want to taste these famous oysters, you can buy them online. If you’re a seafood lover, you must have heard about the famous Craster kippers. L Robson and Sons smokehouse in Northumberland is the best place to smoke your first Craster kipper. People from all around the area come in this smokehouse to smoke the kippers. The family has been in the business for over 100 years. On the side of the smokehouse, there’s also a small eatery owned by the family. You can try some fresh local seafood at the eatery.

Best Restaurants To Try Seafood In Northumberland

The Old Boathouse

The Old Boathouse in Amble is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Northumberland. The restaurant is right on the harbor side. It an old building with a simple interior. Regular wooden tables and pine floor doesn’t give any reflection of the taste of the food here. The restaurant serves all kinds of seafood, but the local oysters are its specialty. The feeling of the fish in this restaurant is famous in all of Northumberland.

Ship Inn

Ship Inn seems like a restaurant directly from the old English stories. The interior is classic and straightforward. If you’re are lucky enough to find bright weather, you can enjoy your food looking at the water and the sky. Rich Kipper is the main dish of the restaurant. You’ll also find excellent quality Crabs and stottie cakes here. The restaurant also has a brewery which serves the local beers and drinks.

Jolly Fisherman

Jolly Fisherman is located in the Craster, which is also known as the Kipper’s birthplace. The restaurant is a pure white building located on the harbor. You should try the crab soup if you have got an appetite for soups. There are also different dishes made with salmon and haddocks. The prices are not too high for lunch. If you ever come to Northumberland and you’re a food lover, you should try this restaurant for sure.


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