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Not many counties in Britain can boast about their versatile markets like Northumberland has when it comes to shopping. From small rural shops and art galleries to big retailers and farmers markets, Northumberland provides shoppers with all kinds of alternatives to shop from. Big towns like Berwick, Hexham, Corbridge, and Morpeth came into existence as market towns, where farmers of the neighboring villages would come to trade. Even to this day, the identity of the towns remains intact as the demand for local and organic food has reached a high. People can get fresh meat and dairy products directly from the source in these farmers markets. These markets usually are organized twice a month. Families can get some sunshine and pick up berries in the fields, which are opened by the local farmers during Summers.

Unique Markets

Every town in Northumberland has its uniqueness when it comes to its markets. Corbridge is a beautiful town which is known for its owner-run shops. Corbridge stylish and colorful home accessories are on the top of every shopper’s list, even celebrities can’t resist themselves from taking home something cute from this place. These home accessories come from the famous Aladdin caves. For antique lovers, Hexham is the perfect place to be in, although they’re expensive for middle-class families to indulge. Hexham has the ideal combination of big brand showrooms and small roadside shops. The streets of the town are packed with local candle markets displaying their crafty works.

Shopping Paradise

Morpeth is an ancient town which can provide new age shoppers with all the latest and unique items, without compromising on its old charm. Shoppers can find all the latest men’s and women’s fashion, cosmetics, shoes, handbags, and luxurious furnishings for their homes. The restaurants and cafes serve delicious local food. Not very far from Morpeth, lies Kirkharle, a small village where Lancelot Capability Brown was born. It has a lot of small art workshops and boutique shops where you’ll find local artworks, restored furniture, gifts, decorative accessories, and antiques. In the streets, you may find local craftsmen working on glass, to make jewelry out of it.

The Famous Alnwick

Famous for its connection with Harry Potter, Alnwick is another popular shopping destination. It has independent shops which are over a decade old. Alnwick has the best country clothing in Britain, especially for riding, hiking, fishing, and equestrian accessories. If you’re an art lover, you can visit some great art galleries here. Knitted woolen clothes were once the specialty of the town, and still, there are a few shops which have stood the test of time and are still doing pretty well.


Otterburn Mill’s Souvenirs

Without the perfect souvenir, no visit is complete, and Otterburn Mill can offer you so things to bring as gifts to your family and friends. Otterburn rug is considered the ideal keepsake to buy from the county. Queen Alexandra is said to have been presented with the Otterburn rug upon her visit to Northumberland.


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